Research Summit 2016  |  Theme
Our theme: the Journey of Inspiration

The 21st century foresees bigger and faster developments. Connected with technological advances and product – service – market dynamics, the needs and demands of consumers undergo similar changes. With the state of the digital world and global understanding, a new phase has started that becomes “integrated with the data”. Rather than conventional methods, the importance of researchers who make sense of copious data created within various mediums increases every day.

We will be discussing the choices that research influences into being made and the value created through the implementation of these decisions whilst scrutinizing how change affects research methods and processes.

We love research, but we do so in the light of the differences we can make through it and the strategies and decisions it inspires.
Research isn’t a process that ends with the attainment of data; it is a cycle that allows for the transformation of said data into insight, creation of strategies, determination of action and gauging the effects of these actions. The task that falls on us researchers’ shoulders is to provide insight that inspires strategies and pave the way for innovation.

We will be discussing the associations and the collective efforts of the process of combining “data” and “data sources” that are the inspiration to researchers in the 19th Research Summit.
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