Research Summit 2015  |  Program

April, 16 

08:45-09.30        Registration

09:30-09:40        Fatoş Karahasan - Capital, Tempo ve,
                         Columnist; Bilgi University, Faculty Member
09:40-09:50        Fulya Durmuş – Board Chair of TUAD,
                         GfK Consumer Experiences General Manager

10:00-10:20        Yavuz Sütlüoğlu - Çaytaş, Deputy Chairman of
                         The Board of Directors

10:20-10:40        Becoming a Global Brand with Dynamic Modeling
                        from Manufacturing to Retail

                         Vahap Küçük - TAMPF, Board Chair /
                         LCWaikiki, Board Chair

10:40-11:00        Recent Trends In Data Privacy Regulations

                         Kim Smouter - Esomar, Government Affairs Manager

11:00-11:15        Young People's Expectations from Future 

11:15-11:40        Tea Break with Çaykur

11:40-12:25        NIELSEN: The Future of E-commerce and
                         Digital Shopping

                         Didem Şekerel Erdoğan - Nielsen,  Sales
                         Effectiveness & Consumer Insights 
                         Research Director
                         Maciej Przybysz - Nielsen VP, Shopper &
                         Loyalty Leader Europe

                         Nihan Şahan Eren - Unilever , Shopper &
                         Media Research Manager of Turkey, Russia, 
                         Middle East, East Africa and Middle, Central
                         Asia and Caucasus

12:30-12:40        2014 Baykush Awards Presentations

                         Expert Baykush Golden Awards: Era Reserach

                         Expert Baykush Golden Awards: Barem Reserach

12:40-13:40        Lunch

13:40-14:00        Opinion Research and Audio Visual Media Publishing
                         Prof. Dr. Davut Dursun, RTÜK President 

14:00-14:15        Young People's Expectations from Future

14:15-15:00        THINKNEURO: New Learnings about Advertisement 

                         Dr. Yener Girişken -  ThinkNeuro, CEO
                         Lecturer of Neuromarketing at Istanbul Bilgi University

                         Burcu Dolunay - Unilever, Consumer &Market Research
                         Manager of Turkey, Central Asia, Caucasus and Iran
15:00-15:20        Tea Break with Çaykur

15:20-16:10        New World, New Consumer, New Company

                         Serdar Kuzuloğlu - Journalist, Entrepreneur

16:10-16:20        2014 Baykush Awards Presentations

                         Insightful Baykush Golden Award - Akademetre

                         Innovative Baykush Golden Award -Ipsos

16:20-17:00        Men's Brain & Women's Brain: No Connection

                        Ascc. Prof. Dr. Sinan Canan - Yıldırım Beyazıt
                        University, Faculty Member



April, 17 

09:00-09:30        Registration

09:30-09:50        Economic Perspectives From Global To Local

                         Prof. Dr. Asaf Savaş Akat, Bilgi University /
                         Academic - Author          
09:50-10:05        25. year Honor Ceremony

10:05-10:20        TUAD is Connecting The Dots...

                         Fulya Durmuş, Board Chair of TUAD,
                         GfK Consumer Experiences General Manager

                         Elvan Oktar - Board of Members of TUAD,
                         Era Research - Founder, Representative of
                         Turkey of Esomar

10:20-10:40        The Key of Being Lovemark: Innovation at

                         Can Emci - Samsung Electronics Türkiye CMO

10:40-10:50        Young people's expectations from future
10:50-11:10        Where to Look for The Value?

                         Muhterem İlgüner - Brand Finance Türkiye Director

11:10-11:30        Tea Break with Çaykur

11:30-12:15        GfK: Navigate the Cross Media World

                         Ali Şahin - Director GfK Cross-Media Link

                         Stefan Heremans - Commercial Lead GfK
                         Cross-Media Link

12:15-12:35        Snaps and Connections in Turkish Political Memory

                         Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Narlı - Bahçeşehir University,
                         Head of Sociology Department

                         Asst. Prof. Dr. Kaya Akyıldız - Bahçeşehir University,
                         Faculty Member

                         Dr. Tuba Bircan İldiri -
                         Bahçeşehir University, Lecturer

12:40-13:40        Lunch

13:40-14:00       Technology: TOMORROW

                         Burak Aydın - İntel Türkiye General Manager

14:00-14:30        TUAD's Point of View on The Public Opinion Polls

                         Selim Oktar - StratejiCo, President

                         Bülent Gündoğmuş - Researcher / Author

                         Dr. Cüneyt Evirgen - Sabancı University,
                         Faculty Member

14:30-15:15        UNILEVER: Mouse in a Box: Researchers as
                         Forces of Changes

                         Selin Çetinelli - Unilever, Consumer and Market Research
                         Director of Turkey, Russia, Middle East, East Africa,
                         Central Asia and Caucasus
                         Başak Oruç - Unilever Turkey, Consumer and Market
                         Research Deputy Manager 

15:15-15:35        Tea Break with Çaykur

15:40-16:00        2014 Baykush Awards Presentations

                         Innovative Baykush Golden Award - Ipsos

                         Social Baykush Golden Award -
                         Method Research Company

                         Young Baykush Golden Award -
                         Method Research Company

16:00-17:00        Connecting the Dots in Different Situations with
                         Multiple Variables

                         Dr. Laurent  Flores - Esomar President

                         Maciej Przybysz - Nielsen VP, Shopper & Loyalty
                         Leader Europe

                         Thomas Bachl - GfK Consumer Experiences -
                         Regional COO CEE META Region

                         Selim Saad - Board Member of The WIN/Gallup
                         International Association

                         Juan Ferrer-Vidal - Regional Managing Director 
                          Millward Brown Europe- Spain, Portugal, Ireland, 
                          Greece, Turkey.
17:00                 Closure


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