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TUAD – Turkish Researchers' Association / The Shared Brand of Research Industry

TUAD was founded under the leadership of Nezih Neyzi in 1988. It was granted the consent to use the title “Turkish” in 2007. TUAD has 64 corporate members and 280 individual members. It is the unique representative of the Turkish research sector.  Our members consist of research companies, data collection companies, Professional research specialists, and academics. 
We promote, develop and protect the market and social research profession for Turkey by providing standards, ongoing education, member services, research summits, research awards and by informing the wider community.
Our vision
To become a non-governmental organization which
 - enhances the value of professional research sector,
 - is regarded by public and private institutions as a reference,
 - provides revolutionary solutions for the sector’s needs, and
 - feels social responsibility.
Our Mission
- Contributing to the improvement of the economic and social life,
- Developing high professional research standards and spread them,
- Enabling growth of the research sector.
TUAD monitors the fundamental standards, working conditions and information quality required by domestic and international companies in Turkey and carries out projects that follow the ever-changing rhythm that is the global dynamics.
Cooperating in all its activities with the leading companies of both the research sector and the other sectors, TUAD can therefore be considered as an organization that forms a certain synergy within the interrelations of the private industry by employing a wide web of access.
As a result of all these activities, TUAD assumes a higher status that a simple "INDUSTRIAL INSTITUTION" and is taking solid steps towards becoming a brand in the industry with its annual events and training programs.
2016 - 2018

Board Chair
Fulya Durmuş

Board of Members

Halil İbrahim Zeytin 
Handan Bilgiç 
Yener Girişken 
Ebru Algım 
Elvan Oktar 
İnci Samimi 
Mehmet Aktulga 
Pervin Olgun 
Sidar gedik 
Uğur Ünal 

Auditing Commission
Didem Şekerel Erdoğan
Yasemin Özen Gürelli
Turabi Dursun


Disciplinary Commission
Cüneyt Evirgen
Burç Ülengin
Leyla Sever

Ethical Commission
Bülent Gündoğmuş
Ali Arslan
Serpil Erten
Alkan Yılmaz
Haluk Zülfikar

Field Research Commission
Ziya Güveli
Hüseyin Çalışkaner
Semih Turan
M. Taşkın Işık
Bedir Ali Öztürk
Tolga Tanımaer
Uğur Ünal

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